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Public Education

The Centennial Fire District strives to play an active role in the community.  We offer a wide variety of educational opportunities and resources that are designed to have a direct impact on protecting the lives and property of its citizens. We host and participate in a number of different events throughout the year and would love to see more of our community involved. Check out some of our Fire Life Safety and Fire Prevention programs below.  It is through our commitment and your participation that our community grows stronger.

School Presentations

The Centennial Fire District loves visiting our schools and interacting with students.  We have fire safety curriculum and learning activities designed for any age group.  Whether you come to us, or we come to you, we would love the opportunity to educate your group.

Car Seat Safety

Whether you are a first-time parent or just want to learn more about the finer points of car seat safety, we offer one on one consultations covering the proper installation and use of any car seat. To learn more, please contact our CPS certified Fire Life Safety Educator.

Detector Safety

Do you know how often you should change your smoke detector batteries? Do you have carbon monoxide detectors?  Are they installed in the appropriate locations?   We can answer each of those questions and more regarding the proper installation and use of detectors in your home.  

Home Safety Surveys

Home Safety Surveys are a great resource to both new and experienced homeowners.  This is a free service, conducted by a member of CFD, that will help you identify any existing or potential hazards in your home.  We can guarantee that you will learn something. 

Fire Safety Worksheets

We are going to start compiling a list of available worksheets to download for school or at home use. They will be great tools for learning about fire safety as well as practicing color for the younger folks. 

Station Tours

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a fire station looks like? The Centennial Fire District offers station tours at both of our stations for groups and individuals. 

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Fire Extinguishers are often the first line of defense against a fire. We offer educational resources and demonstrations on all aspects fire extinguishers and their use.

Community Events

The Centennial Fire District stays involved in the community through a number of different events every year. We participate in parades, fishing contests, school events, National Night Out, and much more!  Check here for upcoming events.

Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate a birthday than by having the party at a fire station!  We gladly offer you the use of either of our fire stations, contact our Fire Life Safety Educator today for scheduling and information. 

Fire Truck Rides

Contact the Public Education program to learn more!


Aaron Olson

Fire Life Safety Educator

Office: 651-792-7903

Direct: 651-303-4116

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