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The Centennial Fire District is currently seeking driven and goal orientated individuals to fulfill Paid On-Call Firefighter/EMT positions at both of our stations. These positions are focused towards nights and weekends but we will gladly add day time responders to our ranks. If you believe you have what it takes then fill out an application today and be Better Together.

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Step 1


Fill out your information below in the required fields, download our employment application form, complete the form fully and attach it with the "Upload File" button at the bottom of this page.

Step 2


Upon review of your completed application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview so you can better understand the position and we can better understand you.

Step 3

Physical Agility

After completion of the preliminary interview, you will be contacted to schedule your physical agility test at our Station 1. This will test your physical ability to perform the required duties and tasks of a firefighter. 

Step 4


After you have passed your physical agility test, your information will be sent for a background check. You will be contacted to take a psychological assessment. You will also be contacted to schedule a health exam to determine that your health system will be able to support the duties and tasks of a firefighter.

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No Experience Needed

You don't need any previous experience in order to become a member of the Centennial Fire District. The Centennial Fire District will provide all required training. You are required to be within 8 minutes of one of our stations.

EMT Event Staffing

Being Nationally Certified EMT's, we are often called upon to provide staffing for local sporting events such as High School Hockey and Lacrosse Games. The current hourly rate for EMT staffing events is $20.

Department Paid Certifications

We will pay for all of the required certifications needed which include EMT, Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II and Hazmat Operations.

Hourly Rate

Once you obtain your EMT certification the rate is $10.25/hr., after you complete the Anoka County Fire Academy your rate increases to $11.25/hr., after you complete your 2 year probation period, your rate increases to $12.25/hr., and after 5 years of service, you rate will increase to $13.25/hr., which is the current max.

Relief Association Pension

Pension is provided by the Relief Association. Vesting starts at 10 years (60%) vested and fully vested after 20 years (100%). The current pension is $7,500 annually.

Community Events

The Centennial Fire District prides itself in community involvement. There are parades, school field trips, open house events, Night to Unite, and so much more.

Paid On-Call Firefighter / EMT Applicant Information
Fill out your information below if you are interested in learning more about joining the Centennial Fire District. You may also download our application form as well and submit it with your information.

Full Employment Application Download

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Thank You!

 We'll get back to you soon.​​​​​​​​​​

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