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About the CFD
Our Mission

The mission of the Centennial Fire District is to protect our communites by providing quality emergency services and education.


Our Vision
The Centennial Fire District will strive to be a prevention-oriented, full-service emergency services organization. We will maintain the highest level of training, utilize technology to the fullest extent possible, be flexible and responsive in our service delivery and strive to serve our customers in a modern and efficient manner. It is the Fire District's desire to provide a friendly, open environment for all employees, providing opportunities for personal growth , training, and promotion.


Call Statistics
Here are the latest call statistics for 2016:


The communities of Circle Pines and Centerville have established agreements that allow fire and rescue services to be performed across their communities by the Centennial Fire District. These agreements have been in force since January 1, 1985.

Each city has their own station located at:

Centennial Fire Station 1
2 East Road
Circle Pines, MN 55014

Centennial Fire Station 3
1880 Main Street
Centerville, MN 55038

Mutual Aid Agreements

Extrication training

Large incidents occur in the region, and the Centennial Fire District has "mutual aid" agreements with most of the area fire departments. These agreements allow firefighting equipment and personnel to respond, when requested, outside normal coverage areas. Communities under mutual aid agreements do not charge each other for responding to mutual aid calls.

During the large brush and forest fire in the Carlos Avery Wildlife Sanctuary in 2001, Centennial Fire District firefighters fought the blaze alongside personnel from Minneapolis, Blaine, and many other area departments.


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